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Agilecodec’s Onshore/Offsite model is preeminent for commercial projects, no matter how difficult or how simple the applications are. We have state-of-art tech solutions provider offshore centers that develop few of the most excellent apps for some of the best clients in the market. It is recommended when the project has huge volumes and increasing requirements.

This model gets the job done rapidly by leveraging abilities of our resources and time-zones. We at Agilecodec flawlessly transfer the project work to globally isolated worksite.

About Model

Onshore/Offsite model is an extensive working methodology for number of IT teams in each corner of the world, mainly focused on the Quality Assurance (QA) tasks. This model conveys offshore outsourcing facilities at some other geographical region that empowers flawless transition and implementation of projects without compromising quality and control for client management.

Both, onshore and offsite outsourcing facility are well associated with highly secured network facilities for flawless communication with the individual customer. This connectivity ensures failure-free, quick as well as secure accessibility for the client to keep an eye on the growth of development time to time and support activities.

Benefits of Onshore/Offsite model:

Our Methodology

Offshore groups are getting more and more significance in IT projects at the present time. In these days where skill and knowledge is existing across the world, it is just a stuff of convenience where to place the solution or development centers. This conception is allied to IT infrastructure as well.

The location of client and the work place of servicing company can be geographically at any place- globally or sometimes in the same city. The Onshore/Offsite model has made an exceptional repertoire in the offshore outsourcing business process. It has recognized itself as the most flourishing and the most admired model among a variety of outsourcing models that have appeared till now.

This model intends to effectively widen out and handle activities as well as resources across number of global sites. It enables a service provider to provide enhanced respond to dynamic client needs worldwide at supreme levels of rapidity, superiority as well as value.

How it works?

Responsibilities of offsite team:

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